About Us
About Us
Our table is very different from what you see every time. We
personally do the labor, I'm not a drawer so I add on pictures of
what you desire, if you want a drawing then I go to my friend
and he'll draw what you want at an extra cost. Our table can be
transported from your house to the pool deck, park, street
hangout or where ever you want to take it to in order to get un

Our Business
It was June 2005 on a Father's Day Week, when my neighbor
Jocy wanted to buy a Domino Table for her husband Hernan
(one, if not the best Domino Player in Central Florida) When she
saw that the asking prices where $300 to $450 she said hell no.
So I made one for her, for him, in the style that Don Fey (my
father in law) had made for me. I got the material and that's
when I began to wonder damn why so much charges. That's one
hell of a Labor price. LMAO Then I began adding designs and
Epoxy Resin (which makes the table super shining) and it came
out to cost more in material, still not so much that the asking
price be $300 w/o S&H. That makes there labor price sky high,
my labor charges are not sky high. Yea I'm surly a sucker. LOL I
charge so low in labor b/c I love the game of Domino and just
watching others play and enjoying it. If you wondering how the
hell I'm going to get rich, well that's simple, with my dollar and a
dream. LOL Honestly the way I get rich is when I get positive
feedback's and knowing that many are truly loving, enjoying and
playing happily on my tables. That's what gets me rich.
Who We Are
To us Familia means
everything, family or friends
we all stick together and
that's what playing Domino
is, a very family Capicu,
either here or there we win.
As soon as you buy una
Mesa from us, you will
become a family member,
with great love and prayers.